Community Church,
Thank you for your patience as we continue to examine how to best reenter the church building in our mission to Follow Jesus and Lead Others to Him. We will once again say we are so thankful that the mission doesn’t stop – church doesn’t stop – just because we aren’t gathering for worship. Everyone has been affected in some way by COVID-19 and the precautions that had to be taken. Everyone is ‘missing’ something at this point – or has been for a while now. Yet, of course, God continues to work. And may we see this plan below as just another step in seeking after His Good Will for our lives.

Pastor Seth & Pastor Jerrad

Our Gospel Priority – Love One Another

In order to best love our neighbors we have needed to responsibly follow the recommended procedures from our health, government, and denominational leaders. Closing the doors of the church building has been living into that Gospel priority of Love One Another – and having patience as we reopen slowly is a continuation of that expression of love.
To love one another we will be operating out of the values of safety and precaution, patience and understanding, and seeking to match the worship experience with expectations as we refocus in this phased plan on the ministry and mission of Community Church.

Patience in this Situation:

Continue to have patience with us as this situation, especially for churches, is fluid. It changes week to week – sometimes day by day. For example, once we start Phase 1, we don’t have definite dates for the other phases yet. We realize we may have to adjust as the situation on the ground changes. We will do our best to be diligent in communicating to you as we continue to monitor and follow the recommendations of officials.

Our Promise to You:

Staff, Leaders, and our Volunteers will be monitoring, observing, and remaining diligent in their work to make your health and experience their good work – including monitoring their own health.

We will be regularly cleaning and disinfecting common areas and surfaces; and hand sanitizer stations will be available to those within the church building in each phase.

We will ‘stay the course’ non-anxiously as we ask you to live into recommendations.

We will seek to communicate as often, as clearly, and in as many ways as we can.

We will continue to pray for the spaces God has given us and the people God has brought to use the spaces.

Your Promise to Us:

If you are sick, have been exposed to COVID-19 recently, or have symptoms (including a fever, cough, or shortness of breath) that you would get the help you need and then stay home until cleared by a medical professional.

If you are in a vulnerable category, over 65 years of age, or have other concerns, that you would use your wisdom in joining in gatherings until you feel safe and free to join in.

If you have any of the above or just really aren’t sure about coming back out until a later time, that you would continue to participate in online services, opportunities for connection, giving out of a grateful heart, and praying for Community Church.

If you will be joining us in person through these different phases that you agree to follow the guidelines and help of our staff, leaders, and volunteers who will be trained to make your experience as best as possible in all ways.

The Phases for Community United Methodist Church

Lead-in Stage (currently operating here)

Online services through this phase
Our staff is back in building as comfortable
Our musicians and key volunteers are preparing Sunday services under precautions
No other building usage

Phase 1 (June 29)
Online Sunday services will continue through this phase
No large groups, Fuel, or Kid’s Zone
No Café food service
Church office will be open on limited basis – days/hours to be announced
Limited Building Usage by Reservation
We will be hosting church groups on a reservation basis, attendance reporting will be required, and social distancing should remain in place
Outdoor Spaces will be available for groups of less than 25 persons on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday (mornings & evenings) – no bathroom access
Two (2) Inside Spaces will be available for small groups (less than 12 persons) on Monday, Wednesday, Friday (evenings only) – masks are required, restrooms will be available
Conference Room will also be available for Church staff & committees

Phase 2
Online Sunday services will continue through this phase

Same as Phase 1, but with expanding availability:
Expanded Building Usage by Reservation
Four (4) Inside spaces will be available for small groups

The MMR and Worship Center will also be available for larger groups
Fuel returns to Refinery – masks required, restrooms will be available

Phase 3

In-person worship – Saturday & Sunday modified for precautions as recommended
Online Sunday services will continue through this phase for those who are waiting to come back or unable

In-person worshippers will be socially distanced, wearing masks required

Attendance by name will be kept for precautions
Family worship – no nursery, childcare or Kid’s Zone
No bulletins, hymnals or passing of offering plates, ‘no touch’ greetings

ARK resumes under its directed guidelines
Building usage same during the week as in Phase 2

Phase 4 (possible interim stage before a vaccine)

In-person worship, with relaxed precautions, attendance will be kept
Online Services will continue through this phase
Kid’s Zone, nursery or childcare opens upon evaluation if desired
Limited food service
Evaluate opening full building usage and return to ministry programming

Reservations can be made two weeks out for the spaces available beginning in Phase 1. You may email the church at – we ask that you not set recurring meetings at this time until we know that we can meet the demand for space.

We are thankful for a congregation that understands that this is a time that will take flexibility and patience as we navigate some new territory. As you have questions, please let us know by email or leaving a message with the church office.

Blessings! And we look forward to greeting you soon!